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Arfada Petroleum Private Joint Stock Company renders competitive, high quality and fully integrated services.

Arfada was established in 24/4/2018.
Commercial Register No.18394 dated 24/4/2018.
The company seeks to carry out its activities in accordance with the highest HSE levels.
Petroleum services.
Arfada exploits skillful specialists in oil industry, namely in field operations management, human resources development, data technology and environment protection.


Exert all efforts to render the services entrusted to the company's in a safe and professional manner. All above to be done in cooperation with our customers in a commercial framework and an atmosphere of amiability and mutual understanding.


Arfada Petroleum Company to be the favorite contractor for all issues related to rendering safe and effective services of oil and gas fields.

Services & solutions

Drilling services

Drilling services. (As a drilling contractor, ARFADA Company operates drilling rigs capable to drill up to 20,000 ft depth wells).

Work over services

Work over services. (Services include standard and complex well maintenance activities, ARFADA has five workover rigs).

Tubing Services

Coiled tubing, nitrogen & pumping services.


Drilling fluids & Mud Logging

Wireline services

Well testing




Environmental Awareness, responsibility & protection

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Damascus-Mazzah- Shaykh-Saad - behaind AlMwasah Hospital, Damascus, Syria.

+963 11 218 0102

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